The Cost of Insecurity: The Dangers of Lacking PC Security

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Many of our commonly performed tasks can actually expose our PC to malware, and lacking basic PC security can lead to dire consequences. The cost of a security solution is insignificant compared to the substantial loss and damages you can incur from not being protected in the first place.

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The Cost of Insecurity

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3 comments on “The Cost of Insecurity: The Dangers of Lacking PC Security

  • Just Curious says:

    Why doesn’t your update to either the firewall or the combined anti-virus and firewall product allow customized installation?

    If I wanted to allow someone else to determine what I wanted on my computer, I’d consider myself ‘non compos mentus” and beg for someone to take me out of my misery.

    • Shady websites are those that look too good to be true, offreing free stuff for downloads and such. I think majority of virus problem come from such cases and clicking on files from unknown emails.I think the free antivirus companies have people that pay for the more comprehensive version as upgrade packages often exist.But yup, like insurance and buying stocks, comfort is best. As long as you have peace of mind the money spent is worth it. 🙂

  • Yes, the cost of security solution is insignificant when compared to the loss and damage because all the data is extremely important. Thanks to the technology that is also providing security apps to protect our PCs.


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