Identity Theft Epidemic: How Thieves Steal Your Identity Online and Offline

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But not when it involves your identity. Learn some of the many ways thieves commit identity theft, and what steps you can take to protect your good name.

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Identity Theft Epidemic

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11 comments on “Identity Theft Epidemic: How Thieves Steal Your Identity Online and Offline

  • These are good reminders, as my debit card was hacked, though I cannot figure out how it happened. I no longer hand it to anyone in a drive-through, but had to have a new debit card issued. I am overly cautious about the use of it now. Luckily, I belong to a local bank and the people knew I was not out of town at the time.

  • David Feery-Richards says:

    This is some of the best advice I’ve seen regarding ID theft.

    It should be logical to computer-bound credit card holders, but unfortunately most have lots of things to do, and sometimes forget the obvious to their financial disadvantage.

    Keep it up Zonealarm. You’re do the world a BIG favour.

  • I got myself a online Credit card, with zero balance, and have to put money into it before I can use it. The only problem was that every time I saw something or wanted something I had to drive over to the banks ATM and transfer cash to my online credit card. Time and again, you run into the wall since the currency fluctuation overshot the amount available on the card against the sellers amount forcing me to either cancel the thought process or another driveby the ATM machine. Is there a better way to do it.

    • How does your credit card have zero balance? When you’re issued a credit card, the company issuing it gives you a credit limit.

      • For online usage, we are issued with a credit card which has no credit. For instance I want to buy something from ZONEALARM for say $50, then I have to go to the ATM, put fifty bucks onto my online credit card, and then I can on your website and do the purchase as normal using the online credit card. The seller sees this as a normal credit card. The only problem is that if the bill is 51 then I have to return to the ATM to add it to your online credit, which is sort of tedious

        • I think what you’re using is a debit card, since when credit card companies issue you a credit card, they give you a credit line. As for your situation, why not just put in a couple dollars more onto the card before purchase?

          • This is probably neither a credit card nor debit card. In another principality these are called “prepaid cards”. Unless a bank gives these to their clients, the issuer charges an annual fee. A debit card account which is kept empty and topped up as Hubert describes could be cheaper to run.

          • I find it simply convenient just because the balance in the card is nearer to zero, and thus if hacked, they probably can buy a few candies. And yes, it can’t be a credit card ( which is a generic term anyway) but in fact it’s a debit card.

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