Introducing ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

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We’re excited to introduce you to ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus, a new feature found in ZoneAlarm 2015 security suites*.

It’s recommended that your PC is equipped with, at a minimum, an antivirus, which prevents malware from infecting your PC, and a two-way firewall, which monitors traffic to-and-from your PC. However, with over 315,000 new threats being discovered every single day, it’s simply not practical for the antivirus software on your desktop to update at the same rate without taking a toll on your PC’s performance. With ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus, you’re protected from the latest Web threats even when the antivirus on your desktop has not yet been updated with the latest signatures.

How Advanced Real-Time Antivirus Works
New threats that try to find their way onto your PC are promptly stopped, thanks to ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus, which constantly checks files against an always-up-to-date cloud database of antivirus signatures. This real-time protection promptly identifies and stops new threats in the cloud before it has a chance of reaching your PC. The following graphic shows you how ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus protects your PC from new threats.

ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

Since threats can wreak havoc on your PC both online and offline (for example through a USB drive), having a robust security software that offers both cloud-based and client-based antivirus significantly enhances the security of your PC.

To check out the full line-up of ZoneAlarm 2015 security products, click here.

*= Advanced Real-Time Antivirus is only available in ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite, and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security.

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5 comments on “Introducing ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

    • it’s heartbleed, not heartbeat. it is not malware. it is a bug, or software glitch in the OpenSSL features in HTTPS websites that use OpenSSL

      heartbleed does not have any impact on your computer. the ones affected are the servers of the websites that use OpenSSL.

  • Allen williams says:

    Your product are good I have two questions , first, question why have the “Advanced Real-Time Antivirus” for MAC , and why not have it as a trial product so we can try it out first before we buy it ?


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