Is Your PC Security Incomplete? Why You Need Both Firewall & Antivirus

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Firewall and antivirus technology emerged in the late 1980s, yet consumers today still neglect to secure their PCs with both. Discover the important roles antivirus and firewall play in your PC security, and how they complement one another to keep your PC protected.

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Why you need antivirus and firewall

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2 comments on “Is Your PC Security Incomplete? Why You Need Both Firewall & Antivirus

  • I love ZA suite! I have been using ZA for as long as I can remember it being available. I only wish the firewall still had the “block e-mail” feature from each program on the list and that you had not removed the “Stop ALL Internet Traffic” panic button from the top of the main page and the right-click pop-up on the task bar next to the clock.

    • Actually, the ‘Stop all internet activity” is still there. Right-click on the ZA icon your system tray,and you will find that function.


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