Announcing: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016 (Beta)

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016 - Sneak Peak

Windows 10 Compatible, And Ready for Download

The world is anticipating July 29 in a pretty big way, since that’s when Microsoft will start rolling out its brand new operating system, Windows 10. We’re pretty excited about it here at ZoneAlarm (and have even written a blog about its safety features, which you can read here).

Something we’re even more excited about is the release of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016, designed especially for the new Windows 10. In addition to being fully compatible with Windows 10, our new ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016 also has improved online identity protection. This comes in addition to features that Extreme Security users have come to know and trust, including industry-best firewall protection, zero-day attack prevention with Threat Emulation, Find my Laptop, PC Tune-up, Parental Controls, and more.

Our ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016 (Beta) is ready for download here and will be free to use for 30 days.


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