Four Fixes to Facebook Privacy Before Graph Search Lands

facebook graph search connections

Facebook is offering Graph Search as the best way to figure out how you are connected to other users and to discover people you may have more things in common with. But privacy advocates warn there are creepy ways to use the tool.
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Online Tracking 101

online tracking 101

Whether you like it or not, your Internet activities are being monitored every time you log online. Learn who’s tracking you, and what it means for your privacy, and what you can do about it.
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The Facts About Two-Factor Authentication

two factor authentication_Header and footer
As the Internet becomes increasingly interactive and the number of online threats continues to grow, more and more web-based services are realizing that two-factor authentication is more than just a good idea.
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Don’t Get Hooked: Anatomy of an Email Scam

Don't Get Hooked 300x111

Email scams are a huge threat, and scammers continue to take advantage of online users. In 2011, roughly 82 percent of all email traffic was spam. It is estimated that scam and phishing messages make up 19 percent of spam, meaning it is essential to be able to spot-and-avoid-email scams. Use this guide to help you dodge the bait.
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Online Threats 101

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The Internet has proven to be a powerful and useful tool for billions of people worldwide. However, in the same way that you shouldn’t leave your house unlocked, you shouldn’t venture online without taking some basic precautions. Where do you start? Learn more about online threats and ways to protect yourself.
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