Are You Making Yourself a Victim of Cybercrime?

Victim of cybercrime

Did you know some things you do on the Web could actually be putting your PC and personal information in jeopardy? Here are some mistakes and misconceptions that could make you a victim of cybercrime, and what you should do to minimize your risk of becoming part of the statistic.

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Online Crime Scene of the Web

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4 comments on “Are You Making Yourself a Victim of Cybercrime?

  • Peter Kurtz says:

    At home I have a subscription to Zone Alarm Extreme Security (ZAES); we keep it up-to-date. A week ago, my wife clicked the infamous Amazon order Trojan download. Zone Alarm Extreme Security did not prevent this bad guy from infecting here PC and compromizing the rest of our home network. Why did this happen, and why should I use ZAES if it doesn’t prevent this kind of attack?

    • ZoneAlarm says:

      Peter, No security software can pick up 100% of all threats.

      First off, which website was your wife visiting when she clicked on the malware? Secondly, since you mentioned the PC is running ZoneAlarm Extreme, did Threat Emulation detect a new file? Is so, did you ignore or allow for file to be executed? Next, how did you know you the PC is now compromised?

  • You recommend WPA or WPA2 encryption for a Wi-Fi router, yet my router uses WPA-PSK encryption. This variant seems to be overlooked in most places. Where does WPA-PSK sit in the spectrum?

    • WPA is definitely more secure than WEP. WPA2 is by far the best encryption you use set your router to. PSK, if you didn’t know, stands for pre-shared key.


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