5 Ways to Shop Online Safely on 4th of July

While most Americans will be watching fireworks on July 4, hackers will also be celebrating their achievements. ZoneAlarm brings you five smart ways to keep your digital life safe so you can stay one step ahead of the greedy hackers. The U.S. Independence Day has also become an opportunistic time for shoppers to buy products with the best deals. But very opportunistic for hackers, too.

  1. Get email savvy

Did you know email is the #1 delivery vehicle for most malware? More than half of all emails are spam and the number of those containing malicious attachments is on a dramatic rise, as well, according to the IBM Threat Intelligence Index 2017. ZoneAlarm’s threat emulation technology inspects email attachments and files in the cloud before they can harm your computer. Don’t underestimate the threat.

2. Shield your transactions with cutting-edge technology

You must carefully guard your information and only give out what you have to give out to complete the transaction. If you don’t feel comfortable with a website or their privacy policy, you can choose not to shop there, even if it means to lose that super deal. Well, the only way to shoo that “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” feeling is to utilize ZoneAlarm anti-phishing technology. It will scan all websites before letting you insert your credentials and any personal information. It will also alert you whether it is a safe website or a phishing attempt. The technology gives you maximum security with optimal browsing performance as it only scans the website before inserting information. There is no safer way to do your online shopping.

  1. Be wise about your passwords

Passwords you use on shopping sites should never match passwords you use for more sensitive sites, such as your bank, social media or cloud storage. A wise way to protect yourself is to activate your two-factor authentication to prevent attackers from getting in even when they’ve gotten our passwords. It makes the login process a bit more challenging for attackers by adding another layer of security to the normal username and password combination. Several web-based email services have rolled out two-factor authentication.

  1. Beware of phantom sites

A deal that seems too good to be true probably is. Try to stick to stores you recognize. Getting lured into a fake store is a common mistake. One good rule of thumb for confirming that you are on a legitimate site is to look for “https://” at the beginning of the URL and other evidence that the identity of that site has been confirmed by a third party security firm.

  1. Keep your ZoneAlarm protection updated

Keeping you safe is what we do best. Unfortunately, even if you are using a free antivirus, it won’t protect you against all types of cyberattacks, including phishing attempts. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is the most powerful all-inclusive PC security suite on the market and it’s ready to protect your home PC with the same technology that protects the world’s largest banks, governments and organizations.


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Have a happy and safe 4th of July!


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