What is a Personal Firewall?

Firewalls are a term many know as protective of their computers from cyberattacks, but not many know what they do and why they need it (if at all). In this article, we will explore the Firewall, its use, importance, the differences between a personal Firewall and one used for enterprises and large organizations, and what our recommendation for a great Firewall.

What is a Firewall?

A Firewall is the controller of incoming and outgoing traffic between your computer and internet network.

Who should use a Firewall, and for what?

  1. Those wanting to prevent unauthorized remote access.
  2. Those looking to block immoral content (such as adult sites).
  3. Online gamers – at a high risk for getting hacked in online games.
  4. Business owners and those working from home – at a high risk for getting hacked.
  5. Anyone not wanting to risk their data and privacy.

Why is a Firewall important?

A Firewall is important for several reasons:

  1. Promotes privacy
    A Firewall blocks or alerts the user about all unauthorized inbound or outbound connection attempts. It allows the user to control which programs can access the local network and internet.
  2. Stops viruses and spyware
  3. Prevents hacking
    A Firewall blocks and prevents hacking attempts and attacks.
  4. Monitors network traffic and applications
    It regulates all incoming and outgoing internet users as well as applications that are listening for incoming connections. Moreover, it tracks recent events and intrusion attempts to see who has tried to access your computer.

What’s the difference between a personal and business-grade Firewall?

• A personal Firewall usually only protects the computer on which it is installed, whereas a business-grade Firewall is normally installed on a designated interface between two or more networks (allowing for a greater number of computers to be protected).
• Personal Firewalls allows a security policy to be defined for individual computers, while a business-grade Firewall controls the policy between the networks that it connects.
• Personal Firewalls are useful in protecting computers that are moved through different networks (as the protection is per computer vs. the network). It can be used at public hotspots, allowing the user to decide the level of trust and the option to reconfigure the settings to limit traffic to and from the computer.
• Unlike business-grade Firewalls, many personal firewalls have the ability to control network traffic for programs on the secured computer. For instance, when an application needs to establish outbound connection, the personal Firewall will scan it for safety, block it if it’s blacklisted, or ask for permission to blacklist it if not known.
• Personal Firewalls may also help block intruders by allowing the software to block connectivity where it suspects an intrusion is being attempted.

Risks of not having a Firewall

  • Loss of data
  • Open access
  • Network crashes

What Firewall should I get for myself or my business?

If you’re a consumer, getting a personal Firewall for yourself and those in your household is rather important. If you work from home and your children play online games, the risk is even higher. Likewise, if you own a small to medium sized business, getting a personal Firewall (rather than business-grade) is highly recommended due to its mobility as many employees work from home nowadays, putting your company at greater risk for hacking and security breaches. You can easily install the Firewall on your employee’s individual computers from the web for a much lower price than what a business-grade Firewall would cost you (and most companies offer greater discounts for a higher number of units purchased, saving you some serious cash).

But what if I want the strength and security of a business-grade Firewall for individual computers?

Well, luckily we found the solution for you. ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is the personal Firewall version of Check Point’s Firewall, a cybersecurity enterprise leader. It offers business-grade protection with the simplicity and mobility of a personal Firewall, for a fraction of the price. What can be better?

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is also included in the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, a comprehensive cybersecurity suite that includes the essentials: Antivirus, Pro Firewall, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Phishing, Safe Downloads, and many others, at a great price and ease of use and installation.

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