Tesla Owner Unlocks and Drives Off with the Wrong Vehicle by Mistake

On a typical day in Vancouver, Canada, Rajesh Randev, an immigration consultant, found himself in an unusual situation when he realized he had driven away in the wrong Tesla.

Randev believed he was getting into his Tesla, having opened the door with his app, but after driving for a few minutes, he noticed a crack on the windshield and called his wife to ask why she hadn’t told him about it. To his surprise, he then realized that his phone charger was also missing from the car.

Within an hour, Randev received a message from a stranger who informed him that he was driving the wrong Tesla. After parking the vehicle, he noticed that the wheels were different from those of his car. Randev then called the individual who sent him a message, and they both came to the conclusion that he had accidentally driven off with the other person’s car.

While Randev was dealing with the mix-up, the second Tesla owner accidentally drove off in Randev’s car. Mahmoud Esaeyh, a 32-year-old Uber driver, mistook Randev’s Tesla for his own and drove away. However, he quickly noticed that something was different about the car, as there were papers on the seat that didn’t belong to him, and his usual crack in the windshield wasn’t there.

Esaeyh found medical records and a prescription with Randev’s cell phone number in the car, which enabled the two to connect. It was discovered that Randev’s app had unlocked someone else’s car, leading to the mix-up.

Despite the chaotic situation, both men were grateful for the other’s patience and understanding in resolving the mix-up. Randev called the police to report the incident, and they took his statement but could not provide him with a file number because nothing had happened. However, they advised him to inform them if anything else happened, and they would investigate.

In conclusion, this incident shows how easy it can be to mistake one Tesla for another, and highlights the need for better security measures to prevent unauthorized access to vehicles. While both Tesla owners were able to sort out the mix-up without incident, it could have easily escalated into a more serious situation.

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