Introducing ZoneAlarm’s Link and QR Scanner Feature

QR codes are everywhere these days. Businesses use them on billboards, posters, and a variety of other places so we can quickly scan them with our phones to pay bills, check-in at airports, access a promotion, view a menu, and do a myriad of other things.

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Job Scams The Silent Snare in Employment Searches

Job seekers face not only the daunting task of finding employment but also the lurking danger of falling victim to job scams. 

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“GoFetch” Vulnerability in Apple M-Series Chips

Keeping our digital belongings secure is a top priority in our connected world. The discovery of the GoFetch vulnerability in Apple’s security mechanisms has caused a stir, shedding light on potential weaknesses that could compromise our personal information.

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iPhone Apps Exploit Notifications for Data Collection

Recent investigations have revealed that several iPhone applications have exploited system notifications to illicitly access users’ private information, prompting Apple to enforce stricter oversight and update guidelines within the App Store to prevent such privacy violations.

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The cyber landscape has recently been marred by a highly sophisticated social engineering scheme aimed squarely at’s clientele. This complex operation, which cleverly manipulates hotel access credentials and employs deceptive phishing methods, has cast a spotlight on the pressing issues of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in online environments.

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