LinkedIn Security Breach Unfolds as Hijack Campaign Strikes

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, the importance of cybersecurity has become undeniable. LinkedIn, the renowned professional networking platform, faces a mounting concern with a sudden surge in account takeovers and user frustrations. This rise in security breaches shines a light on the challenges of online safety, especially when personal and professional worlds merge seamlessly.

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Researchers Discover Method to Access Tesla’s Premium Features Without Cost

Researchers from the Technical University of Berlin have shaken the automotive industry by uncovering vulnerabilities within Tesla’s advanced infotainment systems. This groundbreaking discovery demonstrates the lengths to which modern vehicles can be exploited, particularly as car manufacturers increasingly intertwine their designs with sophisticated technology.

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Self-Spreading Malware Infects Call of Duty Modern: Warfare 2 Exploiting Known Bug

For the past month, players of the classic game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, have found themselves ensnared in a tangled web of cyber threats. A self-spreading malware, or worm, has been coursing through the veins of the game’s servers, exploiting an unpatched bug that was reported to the publisher, Activision, five years ago.

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Nine Tips for a Secure Internet Safety Month

As we mark another Internet Safety Month, it’s time to refocus our attention on the digital universe that has become an inseparable part of our lives. Whether you’re a seasoned netizen or a digital novice, maintaining robust internet safety is paramount.

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Bluefield University Falls Victim to AvosLocker Ransomware Attack

Bluefield University recently fell victim to a ransomware attack perpetrated by the AvosLocker gang, resulting in the hijacking of the institution’s emergency alert system.

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