What’s in an Ad: 5 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Malvertisements

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If you think that online ads are just an annoyance, think again. One of the ways criminals harvest malware onto your computer is through the use of malicious online advertisements (malvertisements). Cybercriminals can serve them up by hacking into a trusted website and injecting their malware into third-party banners and online ads or first posing as a legitimate advertiser and then inserting malware into the code behind their ads after they have gained some traction. Both allow attackers to infect as many computers as possible in a short amount of time.
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The Facts About Two-Factor Authentication

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As the Internet becomes increasingly interactive and the number of online threats continues to grow, more and more web-based services are realizing that two-factor authentication is more than just a good idea.
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Online Threats 101

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The Internet has proven to be a powerful and useful tool for billions of people worldwide. However, in the same way that you shouldn’t leave your house unlocked, you shouldn’t venture online without taking some basic precautions. Where do you start? Learn more about online threats and ways to protect yourself.
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The Dangers of Rogue Security Software

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Smart computer users know about the importance of security software. These are the programs that prevent hackers from stealing your information and protect against viruses corrupting your computer. But did you know that some of the programs advertised as security software are actually fakes that don’t protect, and in some cases, actually infect your computer with the very malware they purport to defend against? Rogue security software (also called scareware) is a serious problem threatening computer users today. Here, we take a look at what it is and how to protect yourself.
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