Cyber Crimes on 4th of July Amid Corona Times

It’s clear to everyone that we are living in unprecedented times. Almost overnight, many of us have had to reassess how we work, socialize, do our groceries, and just about every other activity. Covid-19, and the social and economic upheaval many of us are feeling, has acted as a beacon to hackers. We can fight them by being vigilant against these threats – now more than ever.

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Dozens of Malicious Mobile Apps Discovered on Android Devices, Many Aimed at Children

Researchers from Check Point, ZoneAlarm’s parent company recently discovered 56 apps downloaded from the Play Store, 24 of which were children apps.

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CoVID-19-Related Malicious Apps Soar

Several coronavirus-themed apps, often those offering disease-related information and help for users, have been found to be fraudulent, as they contain dangerous malware.

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Governments’ Coronavirus Financial Relief Targeted by Cybercriminals

“Scammers are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to steal your money, your personal information, or both.” FBI Public Service Announcement, March 2020.

As we are all much too aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive – and very rapid – economic, political, and societal upheaval. While it has forced lay-offs and shut down entire industries from main street to the mall and beyond, one area that hasn’t seen a slowdown is cybercrime. 

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3 Ways to Secure Yourself From Common Web Attacks

With the increase in largely-publicized security breaches to corporate giants such as Google, Facebook, and Target, terms such as “phishing” and “ransomware” have been growing in popularity. You may know them as the fishy emails from seemingly legitimate companies telling you something is wrong with your account and urging you to insert your credentials.

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